How To Make a Bee Hotel

Imagine a world where every garden played host to a little sanctuary for bees. In the era of shrinking green spaces, crafting a bee hotel can be both a delightful project and a small step towards supporting our environment. Let’s dive into creating one!

What’s a Bee Hotel, Anyway?

Simply put, a bee hotel is a safe space for solitary bees to lay their eggs. Unlike their honeybee cousins who buzz around in colonies, these solitary bees seek personal chambers for nesting.

Materials You’ll Need

  • Untreated Softwood: Pine or cedar are excellent choices. These woods not only last but are also loved by bees.
  • Natural Tubes: Think bamboo canes, hollow reeds, or even paper tubes. Different sizes will attract a range of bee species.
  • Binding Materials: Non-toxic wood glue, screws, and natural twine should do the trick.

Step-by-Step to Building Your Bee Hotel

  1. Creating the Base:
    • Start by cutting your wood block. Aim for roughly 30cm x 30cm x 20cm. This size gives you enough space to house a variety of tubes and holes.
    • Sand down any rough edges to protect the bees from injury.
  2. Making Bee-friendly Chambers:
    • Drill holes of varying sizes, between 2mm to 10mm in diameter, in your block. These tunnels should be about 3/4 deep into the block. No need to drill through the other side.
    • For those using bamboo or hollow reeds, cut them to fit the depth of the block and ensure the back of each tube is closed. You can seal the back with a bit of natural clay.
  3. Assembling Everything:
    • If you’ve drilled holes directly into the wood, congratulations! Your base is ready.
    • If you’re using tubes, glue them inside a wooden frame or box you’ve prepared. The snugger the fit, the better. Ensure the tubes’ open ends align with the front of the frame for easy bee access.
  4. Mounting Your Hotel:
    • Attach a sturdy hook or bracket to the back of your bee hotel. This allows you to hang it securely outdoors.

Picking the Perfect Spot

Bees adore the sun! Position your bee hotel in a sunny, south-facing direction. Ideally, place it off the ground, between 1m to 2.5m high. Make sure it’s safe from strong winds and rains.

Add-ons for a Lively Bee Environment

  • Plant Bee-friendly Flora: Flowers like lavender, sunflowers, and daisies are bee magnets. They provide the nectar and pollen bees adore.
  • Water Source: Set out a shallow dish filled with water. Drop some pebbles or marbles inside. They’ll serve as landing spots for bees to drink without drowning.

Upkeep Tips

Your bee hotel isn’t high-maintenance, but occasional check-ins help. Every now and then, inspect for mould or any tiny pests. Consider refreshing the nesting materials every 2 years or so.

Wrapping Up

Building a bee hotel is more than a DIY project. It’s a nod to the environment, a way to boost local biodiversity, and a chance to observe nature up close. As you see bees buzzing in and out of their new home, you’ll realise the profound impact of this simple, yet profound endeavour.

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