Tufted titmouse bird sitting on bird feeder

How To Clean a Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are there for a reason – to keep our feathered friends well-fed and entertained. However, if you neglect to clean your bird feeder properly or for a long period of time, you will garner unwanted attention. If you don’t keep up with the cleaning and maintenance of your bird feeder, it can attract …

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Garden warbler (sylvia borin) posing perched on old dry branch

Garden Warbler (Sylvia Borin)

The garden warbler (scientific name sylvia borin) is a small passerine bird in the Sylviidae family. It is native to Europe and northwest Africa, but it has been introduced to other regions, including North America, where it became well established by the early 20th century. Garden warblers are most often found in open areas such …

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