Arum maculatum with red berries, a poisonous woodland plant

Cuckoo Pint (Arum Maculatum)

The cuckoo pint plant (Arum maculatum) is a colourful, sometimes bizarre-looking flower that has spurred the imaginations of gardeners, naturalists and children for centuries. Native to Europe and North Africa, this perennial of the Araceae family (of nearly 1000 species) can be a nuisance due to its poison and self-pollinating nature. The cuckoo pint has …

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luna moth

Luna Moth (Actias Luna)

The luna moth (actias luna) is one of the largest moths of North America from the family Saturniidae, subfamily Saturniinae, which is a group commonly known as giant silk moths. Also known as the American moon moth and lunar moth, luna moths are thought to be named after the roman moon goddess, Luna, due to …

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Closeup on a colourful green sawfly,Tenthredo mesomela on a green geranium leaf


Sawflies are winged insects which are members of the primitive group Symphyta, within the order Hymenoptera. They belong to a large group of insects with around 10,000 species which also include bees, wasps and ants. Although they are named as flies, they are more closely related to wasps than flies, even though they don’t sting. …

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Best Bird Baths UK

Best Bird Baths of 2022

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices. Top 10 Best Bird Baths GardenKraft 10009 (Editor’s Choice) Pure Garden ‎50-LG1073 (Luxury Choice) Fallen Fruits FB163 (Best Value) Kingfisher Plastic (Best Bronze Effect) …

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bird photographer - Angie

How To Photograph Birds: 17 Top Tips

The American Birding Association estimates that more than half a million birders are active in the United States. The organization also says that as birding has grown in popularity, so has the interest of photographers who want to share their pictures, which is becoming increasingly popular on social media sites. With that in mind, it’s …

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