Large field of white anemone flowers in spring

Wood Anemone (Anemone Nemorosa)

Wood anemones (scientific name Anemone nemorosa) are flowers in the Ranunculaceae family, which is in the buttercup family. It grows in large patches or colonies, which can produce a spectacular sight when blooming in large groups. As one steps into deciduous woodland carpeted by the species, over time, the feet are usually enveloped by carpets …

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close up of Linaria vulgaris, names are common toadflax, yellow toadflax, or butter-and-eggs, blooming in the summer

Toadflax (Linaria Vulgaris)

The name “Toadflax” is mostly used to refer to “Linaria vulgaris”. However, the Linaria genus actually encompasses over 600 species of plants. The genus name “Linaria” comes from a Greek word meaning “lion’s mouth”. The species name “vulgaris”, derived from Latin, means “common”. Toadflax is also sometimes called rabbit flower, butter-and-eggs, wild snapdragon or eyebright. …

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Cowslip (Primula Veris)

Cowslip (Primula Veris)

The cowslip, scientific name Primula Veris, is a wildflower that belongs to the primrose family. It also goes by the name common cowslip, cowslip primrose, key flower, and flower of heaven. It is the county flower of Surrey, Worcestershire, and Northamptonshire. What Does a Cowslip Look Like? The cowslip flower is typically a deep yellow …

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