Glenlivet Wildlife is a digital encyclopedia dedicated to all things about the world of animals and plants. It aims to provide an easy to use and highly reliable encyclopedia that can be accessed online. The range includes topics such as mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, and all of their sub-species too.

The database provides details on specific types such as plants, birds and butterflies that provide comprehensive data on facts such as diets, size, habitat, behaviour and interactions with humans.

Glenlivet Wildlife is a brilliant educational resource for students and educators alike, and is written in an elementary language that even our young readers can easily understand. There are many different types of wildlife in this collection of articles, so hopefully, there will be something for everyone!

Why Trust Glenlivet Wildlife?

The site uses information from some of the most trusted sources such as the World Wildlife Foundation and Natural History Museum. You’ll find sources for most of the information provided, as well as providing links where relevant.

The team behind the site are extremely passionate and well-versed in the chosen articles. The site is not funded by any Wildlife Trust or academy and is supported by its readers in the form of click-based ads.

The Team

Sam Bryant - Founder

Sam Bryant


Sam Bryant is the founder and chief content creator of Glenlivet Wildlife. He is an out-going person who loves to learn about animals and their habitats. Sam has been on many adventures, such as exploring the rainforest in Brazil and camping out at night in Africa. He also likes to relax by reading books about wildlife or watching documentaries with his family after dinner.

Sam’s favourite animal is the cheetah because he thinks it is really cool that they can run faster than any other land-dwelling animal!

Jenny Murphy


Jenny is a contributing author who has been writing about wildlife for as long as she can remember. She has vast knowledge on many different types of animals, from the tiniest shrews to the great whales that live in the deepest oceans.

She has spent many years of her younger life travelling, wandering around forests and jungles, hiking and exploring places that most of us have never even heard of. A little more settled now, Jenny likes going for long walks through nature with friends who share her love for animals because she feels rejuvenated afterwards.

Her favourite animal is the wild horse, because they are rare, beautiful and gentle. But she also loves big cats, dolphins and other mammals.

Faye Oliver

Faye Oliver


Faye Oliver is a contributor for Glenlivet Wildlife. She has a degree in Botany and specialises in plants and flowers. Faye’s work with the company includes helping to educate people about endangered and at-risk species of plants, as well as identifying local plants and flowers, and pairing them with their corresponding regions.

She has travelled to remote locations to interview botanists, biologists, and other experts in order to bring you their unique insights on plants found around the world.

Her favourite flower is the Jade Vine because of its colour and delicate shape.

Do You Have Some Content To Add?

If you have some content about a species that you would like to include in this digital encyclopedia, please take a look through the available categories and email us. You can participate by making your own page, or by contributing to existing pages, and adding more content.