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Top 10 Best Window Bird Feeders

  1. Nature’s Hangout Clear Weatherproof House (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Homebird With Strong Suction Cups (Luxury Choice)
  3. Gardman A01323 Vision (Best Value)
  4. Sahara Sailor With Removable Box (Best With Four Suction Cups)
  5. Meripac Complete (Best For Fatballs)
  6. Redwood Leisure Clear Perspex (Best Perspex)
  7. Kingfisher Clear Perspex (Best Pack of Two)
  8. RSBP Wild For Seed Mixes (Best for Seed Mixes)
  9. Liangpin Extra Strong (Best House-Shaped Design)
  10. Lou’s Nature Store With Birdbath (Best With Bath Station)

If you love nature and birds, you can try a different type of bird feeder: a window bird feeder. As the name hints, this is a bird feeding station that you can easily attach to a window. They are typically made from transparent materials like perspex or acrylic, and thus you can watch the birds feeding without stepping outside.

These are brilliant feeders to own if you have a garden that attracts multiple birds like starlings, sparrows, robins, finches, and tits. They are perfect for attaching to a conservatory, patio doors, or any external window facing your garden. Are you now intrigued and looking for the best window bird feeder in the UK? Read on, then. In this guide, we have found 10 top window bird feeders for your consideration.

How We Compared Window Bird Feeders

To find the right window bird feeders we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Attachment method
  • Feeding tray size and suitability
  • Durability for outdoor use
  • Supporting weight
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning

Our experienced team created the following list after spending countless hours researching products and fact-checking customer reviews. We carefully chose a range of products suitable for every nature lover out there, analysing and assessing the comparison points above.

To know more about our review process, have a look here.

Window Bird Feeder Reviews

Nature’s Hangout Clear Weatherproof House (Editor’s Choice)

Our top pick for the best window bird feeder is the Nature’s Hangout Clear Window Bird Feeder.

This feeder is everything you need – durable, sizeable, and easy to use. It has a long rectangular shape and can support multiple birds feeding simultaneously. It also offers front and side access.

The tray is also ample in size, and you can fit a large amount of seed in. It is also removable and has holes in the bottom. This feature helps keep the seed fresh but also makes the feeder easy to clean.

There is a rubber grip on the front rim that helps birds perch comfortably and securely while eating. For attachment, this bird feeder uses three suction cups for a strong connection.

Although this is a brilliant bird feeder, it may not be perfect. For example, some customers have found that the feeder has arrived broken in the packaging. Also, this may only be suitable for a smaller garden or for smaller birds.


  • It has an extra-large tray that can hold up to four cups of birdseed
  • The tray is removable so that you can easily fill it up and clean it
  • The underside of the tray has smart drainage holes to keep the seed fresh
  • Includes six suction cups for maximum window support
  • Made from durable clear acrylic for great viewing potential


  • Some customers have reported their feeder arrived broken in the packaging
  • It may only be suitable for smaller birds like robins and sparrows

Homebird With Strong Suction Cups (Luxury Choice)

If you want a bird feeder that provides maximum viewing potential, the Homebird Window Bird Feeder is a great choice. This feeder has a sturdy frame, but the back is relatively open: this means that you can watch the birds without any obstruction.

It is secured to your window via four suction cups. These slot into the frame so you can leave the cups attached and remove the bird feeder to clean it.

You can remove the tray to easily refill it, and it also has multiple drainage holes in the bottom. We also like that this feeder is specifically designed for small birds like Blue Tits and Robins. The tray also has a rubber grip on three sides to help the bird’s stability.

While this is a superb window mounted bird feeder, it could still have a few problems. Firstly, larger birds will struggle to access the seed tray, which some people may not like. Secondly, for the best suction, you need to clean and prepare the window first, requiring extra effort.


  • No assembly is required – simply slot the suction pads in and stick them on
  • It can be mounted in less than 60 seconds due to the simple suction method
  • Specifically made for smaller birds like Tits, Robins, and Sparrows
  • The attached tray is easy to remove to refill and clean
  • It has an open design with a high roof for maximum viewing potential


  • It is not suitable for larger birds such as pigeons and crows
  • Does require some preparation of the window beforehand for maximum suction

Gardman A01323 Vision (Best Value)

If you want a simple value bird feeder for a kitchen window or smaller window, the Gardman A01323 Vision Feeder is a good option. This compact bird feeder has a simple design with a large entrance for the birds and a curved roof.

The roof easily detaches so that you can clean inside, and it has a decent-sized tray for your bird’s favourite seeds.

It mounts to your window using suction cups and offers a great connection. It should easily be able to support the weight of small birds. These new feeders should provide an excellent viewpoint to watch birds like house sparrows, starlings, robins, and tits.

The Gardman A01323 is a great window suction bird feeder, but it could have some minor drawbacks. For example, some may feel that this particular model is too small (although there are other sizes available too). Also, the design means that you do not have as clear a viewing window as some other options.


  • Available in a wide range of different sizes to suit various birds
  • It also has an enclosed design that helps protect the birds from predators
  • The feeding tray can hold up to 150 grams of seed mix or 50 grams of mealworms
  • Has strong suction cups that make for a stable connection with your window
  • The top lid removes relatively easily for refilling and cleaning


  • Some may find that this small bird feeder is too small
  • It may not provide as many viewing opportunities as some other designs

Sahara Sailor With Removable Box (Best With Four Suction Cups)

If you get a large variety of wild birds in your garden, the Sahara Sailor Window Bird Feeder is a brilliant option.

This feeder has a large design and measures 26.4×9.9×15.1cm. It has a long seed tray that can support a large volume of seeds. Also, due to the length, many birds should be able to sit on it and feed at once.

We also like the viewing capabilities this bird feeder provides. It has three arched windows on the rear pane, which means you get an excellent view of the birds feeding and the surrounding area.

Lastly, you can also remove the handing compartment for the feed. It clips away from the main frame and therefore is easier to clean.

This stick on window bird feeder is a great option, but it may not be perfect. For example, it is one of the larger window bird feeders, so birds like pigeons may still be able to perch on top. Also, you could find the roof feels flimsy when attaching it to the housing frame.


  • The four suction cups can each hold up to 25lbs without wobbling
  • The rear panel has a large opening providing excellent viewing
  • It also has a large slanted roof so that water and debris will easily drain
  • The seed compartment is removable and has drainage holes at the bottom
  • The tray is also compatible with multiple types of feed, including sunflower seeds and peanuts


  • Due to the larger size, you may find that pigeons and larger birds can get onto the tray
  • You may find the roof feels a little flimsy when attaching it to the housing

Meripac Complete (Best For Fatballs)

The Meripac Complete Window Feeder is brilliant if you like to offer your birds a great variety of food. This is because it has a large seed compartment with a divider. As a result, you can put different seeds in each section. Also, it has two individual holders that are perfect for fastballs or small food blocks.

The holders have an individual perch, too, so that a single bird can sit and eat in privacy. Alternatively, there is also a large grip rod on the front that the wild birds can secure their feet onto.

For fixing, this bird feeder has multiple suction cups. This provides a secure connection but is also easy to remove if you wish to reposition it.

This Meripac Complete Window Feeder is a good choice for fastballs. However, you could find that the ball holders and individual perches eventually wear, as they are only made from plastic. Also, this bird feeder does require a little more assembly and can take more time to install due to the different parts.


  • This window feeder has two holding areas for fastballs or food blocks
  • Each holder has an individual perch so small birds can eat in privacy
  • Also has a large tray that has a divider in the middle to place different food types in
  • The window feeder also has open access on three sides for the birds
  • The feeding area is fully detachable to clean it easily and refill the seeds


  • The holders and perches are only made from plastic, so they may not be the most durable
  • This window feeder does require a little assembly, although instructions are included

Redwood Leisure Clear Perspex (Best Perspex)

If you want something a little more durable, the Redwood Leisure Window Bird Feeder is a good choice. This is because it is made from durable perspex.

Despite the stronger material, the perspex is still highly transparent and provides excellent viewing capabilities through your window.

It is secured in place via a trio of suction cups – one at the top and two at the bottom in a triangle configuration. Providing you clean the window, it should never fall off.

We also like the large spacious food tray that holds an ample volume of seeds for many birds at once.

Although this feeder is durable, it could have some drawbacks to consider. Firstly, the tray is not detachable. As a result, you could find it more difficult to clean and remove old feed. Secondly, although the roof has a slanted shape, it may not protrude out far enough, and thus some rain could still splash on your feed.


  • It is made from durable perspex for maximum durability and strength
  • It comes fully assembled and is incredibly easy to set up on your window
  • These bird feeders also include three suction cups to create an excellent connection
  • The large attached tray can hold a great number of seeds or fat balls
  • The perspex is incredibly clear, so it gives a brilliant viewing window


  • The tray is not detachable and thus may not be as easy to clean and empty of old seeds
  • You could find that the roof does not completely stop rain from splashing on your birdseed

Kingfisher Clear Perspex (Best Pack of Two)

The Kingfisher Clear Perspex Window Bird Feeders is a great value option. It is ideal if you have multiple windows and want to attract a larger number of birds.

This is because you get two bird feeders made from highly durable perspex. They also give excellent viewing and are secured via suction cups.

These seed feeders have a large, fixed seed compartment: this can hold more food, but it also allows for drainage via the holes underneath.

We also like that these bird feeders have a slanted roof that allows rain and debris to fall off the ground.

This Kingfisher product makes a great gift, but it may not be perfect too. For example, the feeding area is not removable. Instead, you must remove the entire feeder if you want to clean it or empty the old feed. Also, to stop this feeder from falling, you may need to clean the window thoroughly first.


  • Great value for money with two window feeders included
  • Each window feeder has three cups for maximum stability on your window
  • Both window feeders also have a large tray that can take a variety of bird food
  • The perspex material is durable and can withstand adverse weather
  • Has a slanted roof that allows birds to perch on the feeders before jumping onto the tray


  • The feeding area is not removable and thus could be trickier to clean properly and empty
  • You could find that the cups do not attach well if you do not clean your window first

RSBP Wild For Seed Mixes (Best for Seed Mixes)

The RSBP Wild Bird Window Feeder has a tough and durable design and is one of the best choices for seed mixes.

It has an ergonomic design that is easy to attach to your window. It is secured using two suction cups at the top and one at the bottom.

We also like that it has a large square viewing window cut into the rear panel. As a result, your view of the birds is not obstructed at all. The birds can also sit comfortably due to the grip rod that runs the entire length of the tray.

Lastly, although the tray doesn’t detach, the entire feeder can be detached from the suction cups without removing them from the window.

This is a brilliant bird feeder for garden birds. However, it may have some minor drawbacks. For example, if you have a garden with predominantly large birds, you may find that they cannot use this feeder. Also, the tray doesn’t detach from the frame and thus could be more difficult to clean and maintain.


  • This window feeder has a large rear viewing window
  • Includes two suction cups at the top, and one at the bottom for a secure connection
  • Simple open design so that small birds can easily fly in and out to get all the food
  • You can easily detach the feeder from the cups to clean and empty it
  • The box is made from tough non-yellowing polycarbonate plastic


  • This window bird feeder may not be suitable for larger birds like blackbirds and crows
  • The tray doesn’t detach from the frame even though the entire frame can be removed from the cups

Liangpin Extra Strong (Best House-Shaped Design)

The Liangpin Extra Strong Window Bird Feeder is a great choice if you want a traditional bird-house design.

This feeder has a large tray at the bottom and is sheltered by a large overhanging, slanted roof. This gives the birds a place to initially land and helps prevent rainwater from splashing onto the food.

We also like that this feeder has two attachable rods. These can be secured to the front lip of the feed tray and thus give a stable perch for birds to stand on.

For security, this Liangpin product uses durable suction cups with better suction than the traditional design.

This Liangpin squirrel-proof feeder is a brilliant option, but it could have some slight drawbacks. Firstly, the rods at the front are only secured via plastic clips and thus may detach or fall off occasionally. Secondly, the feeding area is not removable. As a result, you have to remove the feeder from the cups to clean it and empty the old seed.


  • The acrylic material this window bird feeder is made from is easy to wipe and clean
  • The bottom of the tray has precise holes for drainage and moisture removal
  • At the front, you can attach two rods that serve as a perch for your feathered friends
  • Attaches to your window via three durable and strong suction cups
  • The acrylic is highly transparent and makes for great viewing


  • The tray isn’t removable. Instead, you have to remove the entire window feeder to clean it
  • You could find that the attachable rods can come off easily

Lou’s Nature Store With Birdbath (Best With Bath Station)

If you want your birds to wash their feet and enjoy a drink, the Lou’s Nature Store Window Bird Feeder is a brilliant choice. This is because it has a birdbath too. The birdbath is positioned underneath the tray so that water should not splash onto the food.

We also like that the food compartment has a divider that can be adjusted. This means you can trial different foods and the amount you put out. It also has a large circular viewing window on the rear panel, which helps improve your vision.

These bird feeders are ideal for smaller wild birds and should also deter large birds.

The Lou’s Nature Store is a brilliant window bird feeder, but it may not be perfect. For example, due to the shape of the roof, you could find large birds and squirrels could sit on top of it. Also, due to the positioning of the water bath, you could find that it is a little difficult to refill, empty, and clean properly.


  • This bird feeder has a long textured rod at the front that small birds can easily grip onto
  • Has a smaller design that should hopefully dissuade larger birds
  • The tray has a movable divider so you can try different bird feed
  • It also has a large circular window in the acrylic plate for excellent viewing
  • There is also a water bath so that birds feed and can take a drink too


  • You could find that large feeding birds like pigeons can still perch on top of the feeder
  • You may find that the water bath is a little difficult to refill and clean

Choosing the Best Window Feeders for Birds: A Buying Guide

You may be a little overwhelmed by the different window bird feeders available. Don’t worry! We are here to help select the best window bird feeder in the UK for your personal requirements using our expert knowledge. In the below section, we have created a simple buying guide. This lists a range of common considerations that will help you choose the perfect bird feeder for your garden.

Before choosing a window bird feeder, we first advise thinking about the positioning. Ideally, it could be fitted to a window with no close obstacles that predators could use to attack. Also, the window should preferably be in a room that you use often, and you can be comfortable while bird watching.

Window Attachment Method

Feeding birds in winter

Firstly, look at how the bird feeder attaches to the window. 99% of window bird feeders attach via suction cups.

These are incredibly easy to install and do provide a strong connection between the window and feeder. However, some windowsill bird feeders simply rest on top of or clip to your windowsill. Generally, the suction cup attachment method offers the best connection.

Pro Tip: Before attaching the suction cups, it is best practice to thoroughly clean your window first with warm soapy water. This will ensure a smooth surface and make sure that the cup can stick properly. If you leave any dirt or grime on the window, the cup may not make a complete connection with the window.

Size and Suitability of the Feed Tray

The tray that you place the feed on is also incredibly important. What type of tray you prefer depends on how many birds you typically get in your garden and the types of birds.

If you do not get a lot of birds in your small garden, you may only need a small tray. Alternatively, if you have a larger garden that backs onto woodland, you may potentially want multiple window bird feeders.

Also, look at the design of the tray. Most trays have holes drilled in the bottom: this is essential as it helps drain moisture and mess. It also helps keep the seed fresher and edible for longer.

Some trays are also fully removable from the frame: this makes them far easier to refill and clean. In contrast, some trays are fixed, and you have to remove the entire frame if you want to clean it thoroughly.

Lastly, what types of feed can you use in the tray? Some larger trays are suitable for food blocks and fastballs or a variety of seeds and mealworms. In contrast, smaller trays may generally only be suitable for seeds and small feed.

The Durability of the Materials

As these bird feeders are used outdoors, they should be made from durable materials. Perspex and acrylic are common materials used for these bird feeders. These are both durable and can easily withstand adverse weather.

Some window bird feeders do have plastic parts on them too. These may not be as durable, and they may need replacing as they wear and degrade.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Any type of bird feeder quickly gets dirty — it is unavoidable. Birds are messy eaters, and the seed trays can quickly become clogged with filth and seed husks.

As a result, you ideally want a window bird feeder that is easy to clean. All of the window bird feeders in this list are made from perspex or plastics. These are incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

In most instances, all you have to do is wipe them with a damp cloth to remove the filth. After this, you can wipe them with a dry cloth to remove excess water.

Aside from the main frame and housing, look at how easy the seed tray is to clean. As mentioned above, some seed trays are removable and thus much easier to clean. If not, how easy can you detach the feeder from the suction cups to clean?

Suitability for Different Birds

Lastly, what type of birds do you generally get year-round in your garden?

This has an impact on what type of bird feeder you get.

A large tit on the window in the house. Eats food in winter. Parus major

A smaller feeder should be fine if you typically get garden birds such as sparrows, robins, blue tits, and blackbirds. These birds (aside from blackbirds) are generally much smaller and thus do not need a large feeding station.

Also, even if you do get larger species, you may not want them using the feeder. Larger birds like pigeons and crows can be disruptive and cause issues for the smaller species.

Pro Tip: If you want to dissuade larger birds, consider giving them an alternative food source. Also, research the foods that typically only small birds will like. This should hopefully increase the chances that the large birds simply ignore your window bird feeder.

Most window bird feeders are suitable for small birds, and some may not even support the weight and bulk of larger species.


You should now have a better idea of what can be the best window bird feeder in the UK for your needs. As you can see, there is a brilliant range of designs to suit various gardens and windows. They are fantastic items that can give you hours of viewing pleasure. More importantly, they can also allow you to provide a constant food source for birds that visit your garden.

Any of the ten window bird feeders listed would make a great choice. However, our pick for the best window bird feeder is the Nature’s Hangout Clear Window Bird Feeder. This feeder has a spacious design that gives local birds excellent access. This is complemented by the removable tray that can hold an ample amount of seeds and feed. It is also incredibly easy to secure due to the multiple strong suction cups.

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