Best Tripods for Spotting Scope of 2023

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Top 10 Best Tripods for Spotting Scope

  1. National Geographic NGTRV005T (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Celestron 82052 Regal Premium (Luxury Choice)
  3. Endurax TP13 PRO (Best Value)
  4. Reticam MT-01 (Best Tabletop)
  5. Manfrotto 290 Xtra (Most Stable)
  6. Orion Tritech II (Best Portable)
  7. Gosky Pro (Best Sturdy)
  8. Tairoad T1-111
  9. Victiv NT70
  10. Celestron Ultima 93612

Do you struggle to see clearly with your spotting scope? Then you need to pick up the best tripod for spotting scope in the UK. Our guide will help you to find the best model for your needs. A good spotting scope tripod is essential to eliminate instability. Our hands make tiny, almost imperceptible movements which can prevent smooth viewing.

With one of our top-rated tripod selections, you’ll be able to get the most out of your scope for clear viewing. You might even want to take up digiscoping to photograph and show off your scoping sightings. Here’s how to find a tripod for your spotting scope.

How We Compared Tripods for Spotting Scope

To find the right tripods for spotting scope we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Stability
  • Load capacity
  • Adjustable height range
  • Portability
  • Ease of use

Our experienced team created the following list after spending countless hours researching products and fact-checking customer reviews. We carefully chose a range of products suitable for every nature lover out there, analysing and assessing the comparison points above.

To know more about our review process, have a look here.

Tripod for Spotting Scope Reviews

National Geographic NGTRV005T (Editor’s Choice)

The best spotting scope tripod on our list is the NGTRV005T by National Geographic, our editor’s choice. This stable tripod has all the features you need to get the most out of using your spotting scope

This sturdy aluminium spotting scope tripod has a good height adjustment range, with a max height of 165cm. Its two-way fluid head makes it ideal for wildlife spotting or security. You can use it with many different scopes, thanks to its universal 1/4”-20 screw plate. This means you can also use it with your photographic equipment.

Its five-section legs have quick-release twist locks, so it’s easy to set up and adjust in the field. Plus, the middle spring-loaded hook system ensures extra stability. The rubber feet make it suitable for use on a wide range of terrain, even in wet weather.

This highly portable tripod is lightweight at just 1.49kg. It is also easily packed up and transported as it comes with a carry bag and has a closed length of just 40.1cm. If you’ve got a small to medium-sized scope, you’ll struggle to find a more portable tripod than this.

Bear in mind that this tripod has a fairly low load capacity of 6kg. This means it may be less suitable for large-sized, heavy spotting scopes. Also, as it’s a lightweight model, this tripod may be less suitable for use in windy weather unless you weigh it down.


  • 40.1-165cm height range
  • 2-way fluid tripod head
  • Lightweight: 1.49kg
  • Rapid setup
  • Includes a carry bag


  • Load capacity could be better
  • It may be less suitable for use in windy weather

Celestron 82052 Regal Premium (Luxury Choice)

Are you looking for the very best spotting scope tripod? We highly recommend taking a look at the Celestron Regal Premium, our luxury choice. It has a smooth scanning pan and tilt head, and solid construction. Overall, this is a great sturdy spotting scope tripod that’s easy to use and built to last.

The Regal Premium Spotting Scope Tripod has an excellent 45-175cm height range, making it an excellent choice for almost all users and applications. Its four-section legs are made from durable, sturdy aluminium and are fully adjustable. The individual leg flip levers make it quick and easy to adjust its height. The tripod leg angles are also adjustable, meaning you can get a good secure vantage point on all types of terrain for a stable platform.

Mount your scope quickly and securely with the quick-release standard ¼ “-20 thread head. Its four-kilogram load capacity ensures you can use it with all but the very heaviest spotting scopes. A retractable balance hook gives you the option to add extra weight for use in bad weather. Smooth, sturdy and a pleasure to use, this luxury spotting scope tripod comes with a carry bag. The bag has a shoulder strap for easy transportation.

On the downside, weighing 2.74kg, it could be lighter to carry, although it is very sturdy with its heavy-duty frame. Note that the four-section legs might add extra time to set up this spotting scope tripod.


  • 45cm-175cm maximum height range
  • 2-way fluid pan head
  • 4 section angle-adjustable legs
  • 4kg load capacity
  • Includes carrying case & shoulder strap


  • It could be lighter
  • It may be less suitable for a quick setup

Endurax TP13 PRO (Best Value)

Are you looking for the best value tripod for your spotting scope? The popular Endurax TP13 Pro is the best spotting scope tripod for occasional use or if you’re a beginner.

This spotting scope tripod has a good 44-168cm height range. So, it’s comfortable to use on all terrains over long periods. Another important feature is its three-way pan head, which gives you 360° views plus vertical and tilting motion. Its aluminium tube legs feature flip locks for fast height adjustments.

Lightweight, the Endurax spotting scope tripod weighs just 1.5kg. It is ideal for wildlife spotting in the great outdoors when you may need to walk for miles before setting up. You also get a carry bag and a handy phone and tablet holder. This allows you to film or take photos using your electronic gadgets. All in all, it’s a great entry-level tripod for your spotting scope.

You should, however, be aware that this tripod’s mount may not be the most robust. Also, the head could fit better, although it’s a useful piece of kit.


  • 44-168cm height range
  • Flip-lock legs
  • 3-way pan head
  • Lightweight tripod: 1.5kg
  • Includes phone mount & carrying case


  • The plastic mount could be more robust
  • The head could be improved

Reticam MT-01 (Best Tabletop)

Looking for the best tabletop spotting scope for use sitting or lying down? The Reticam MT-01 is another great choice. It’s ideal for birdwatching in your garden. Plus, it’s a good choice for taking out into the great outdoors, thanks to its lightweight and compact size.

This compact tabletop tripod for spotting scopes features a geared central post. This post allows you to quickly and easily adjust its height from 27 to 48cm. So wherever you set up your spotting station, you can get your scope to a comfortable height. Thanks to its three-way pan-tilt head mount, you can easily follow moving bodies or vehicles. You can quickly attach and detach your scope with the quick-release mounting plate.

This sturdy tripod has three-section aluminium legs. Each leg has a quick snap flip lock for easy adjustability and setup. Non-slip feet ensure your tripod sits securely on all surfaces. Its low weight of just 680g makes this portable, compact tripod an ideal travel companion. The Reticam MT-01 also comes complete with a carry bag, ready for your next adventure.

Unfortunately, the quick release plate could be a little stiffer to remove any play. Also, as a tabletop tripod, its small size and low weight make it less suitable for use with large scopes.


  • 27cm-48cm height range
  • 3-section aluminium legs
  • 3-way pan head
  • Lightweight: 680g
  • Includes & carry bag


  • It may be less suitable for large scopes
  • The quick-release plate could be stiffer

Manfrotto 290 Xtra (Most Stable)

Stability is an important attribute in a scope tripod. This makes the Manfrotto 290 Xtra, our best stable choice, a top model to consider. This tripod is one of the best spotting scope tripods on the market. It is easy to set up, robust and very durable.

The 290 Xtra is height adjustable from 30.5cm up to a maximum height of 160cm, being easy to adjust and very sturdy. Its aluminium legs feature four angle positions to allow you to set up wherever you get the best view. Plus, its leg locking levers are tension-adjustable. This prevents wear for an extra-long tripod lifespan.

This model doesn’t only have excellent durability. It also has a lightweight aluminium two-way fluid head for easier tracking. For additional security, there’s also a quick-release plate. Plus, it has a 5kg maximum load capacity to accommodate medium and larger scopes. The rubber leg warmer makes it easy to grip in all weathers. The included shoulder bag ensures safe and secure storage and transportation.

This full-size tripod may be less suitable for carrying on long trips – it is fairly heavy and not very compact.


  • 30.5cm-160cm maximum height range
  • 2-way fluid aluminium head
  • Tension-adjustable aluminium leg levers
  • Sturdy design and construction
  • 5kg load capacity


  • It may not be the most portable
  • The head could be better

Orion Tritech II (Best Portable)

Are you looking for a full-size tripod that is also easy to carry? If so, the Orion Tritech II is definitely going to be one of the best tripods for you. Solid, well made and easy to use, little wonder this great tripod is such a popular model.

Height adjustable, this portable tripod has a maximum height of 172cm. So it’s a good model if you’re looking for a tripod for use while standing. Its two-way pan head allows you to keep track of moving targets 360°. Plus, with its 90° tilt, it’s ideal for use when you’re not on a flat surface.

This spotting scope tripod is one of the most durable tripods on the market. It also has a stable metal spreader base to ensure extra stability and a geared central column. The quick-release plate features non-slip rubber pads for extra grip and security. Plus, you get an excellent 6kg load capacity.

The three-section extendable aluminium alloy tripod legs come with easy-to-use flip lock levers. You also get an integrated ballast hook to weigh this tripod down in windy conditions. Lightweight, at just over 2kg, this portable tripod also comes with a handy carry bag.

The rotation on this tripod could be a little smoother. Also, the quick-release mounting plate could do with some improvements to make sure it stays in place.


  • Height adjustable up to 172cm
  • 2-way pan head
  • Stable metal spreader base
  • 6kg load capacity
  • Integrated ballast hook


  • Rotation could be smoother
  • The quick-release plate could be better

Gosky Pro (Best Sturdy)

Our best sturdy choice is the Gosky Pro Spotting Scope Tripod. This premium-quality full-sized scope tripod has a sturdy, anodised aluminium construction and is very easy to use.

The Pro has a good 46.5cm-155cm height range, complete with flip levers for quick and easy height adjustment. Its non-slip rubber feet make it a good stable base on almost all surfaces, even in the wet. Plus, its weight hook allows you to easily weigh it down in windy weather.

This spotting scope tripod comes with a three-way pan tripod head. With its ergonomic panhandle, you get full 360° views with easy vertical adjustments. A quick-release plate with a standard ¼” screw makes for fast and secure mounting. This means you’ll spend less time setting up and more time using your scope.

This sturdy tripod can hold larger scopes thanks to its 5kg load capacity. Plus, the sliding central column has good tension control for extra fine-tuning. This tripod comes with three padded foam cushions for protection and comfort. It also comes with a carry bag for easy transportation.

While the Gosky Pro Tripod is not very heavy at 2.5kg, it may be a little too weighty for long hikes. Also, tripod assembly could be better with some easy to follow instructions.


  • 46.5cm-155cm height range
  • Anodised aluminium construction
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • 3-way pan head
  • 5kg load capacity


  • It could be a little lighter
  • Assembly could be easier

Tairoad T1-111

The Tairoad T1-111 is a good entry-level spotting scope tripod. It is ideal if you are looking for a reliable model that is sturdy enough to take the weight of larger scopes.

This tripod is made with high-quality aluminium and ABS plastic. This gives it an excellent five-kilogram load capacity. Thanks to its four-section aluminium legs and quick-release locks, it is quick and easy to adjust. This tripod also has a quick-release plate to keep your scope secure yet accessible.

Its three-way pan tripod head makes this tripod a great option for panoramic viewing. It also has a precision vertical and horizontal orientation. Three adjustment knobs allow you to fine-tune your viewing angle. Plus, it comes with anti-slip rubber feet to keep your tripod securely in place.

Another advantage of the T1-111 is its compact design. When folded, it measures just 50cm long. This makes it easier to stow away inside your car or luggage, unlike most full-sized tripods. This tripod also comes complete with a carry bag, so it’s easier to travel with.

With a maximum height of 140cm, the T1-111 is less suitable if you’re tall and will be your spotting scope standing up. Also, at 2.5kg, this model may be too heavy when carried for long periods.


  • Compact design; only 50cm when folded
  • 4-section legs with quick-release locks
  • 3-way swivel pan head
  • 5kg load capacity
  • Includes a carry bag


  • Could extend more
  • Weight may hinder portability

Victiv NT70

Lightweight, easy to use and inexpensive, the Victiv NT70 could be just what you’re looking for. This tripod for spotting scopes is ideal for bird spotting in your garden. It’s also great if you’re looking to try out using a tripod and scope but don’t want to go straight for a premium model.

The Victiv NT70 has an impressive maximum height of 182cm. This makes it a great choice if you are very tall or need an extra-high vantage point. Despite its extra height, this spotting scope tripod is fairly lightweight. At just 1.3kg, it’s easy to carry with you on hikes to set up in remote locations.

Thanks to its three-way swivel head, this tripod allows you to angle your scope perfectly. Plus, you also get 360° rotation for easy, smooth panning. As this model also comes with a phone holder, you’ll also be able to use it to get the perfect shot with your smartphone.

Use this tripod’s counterweight hook to weigh it down during windy moments. It has a good grip in slippery conditions, thanks to its flexible non-slip rubber feet. This tripod comes complete with a carry case and two quick-release mounting plates for extra ease of use.

On the downside, this spotting scope tripod could be a little sturdier. This is especially true if you have a medium-sized spotting scope. Also, the central column could be better to ensure extra longevity.


  • 55cm-182cm height range
  • Lightweight: 1.3kg
  • 3-way swivel head
  • Counterweight hook
  • Includes carrying case & phone holder


  • Could be sturdier
  • The central column could be improved

Celestron Ultima 93612

The Celestron Ultima 93612 combines value with high performance. Sturdy, easy to use and adjust, the Ultima is robust enough to support larger spotting scopes. This makes it definitely one of the best spotting scope tripods to consider.

This model, featuring a broad height adjustment range of approx 72-172cm, is suitable for all heights and uses. It is easy to set up thanks to its adjustable central column. Its three-section telescoping legs make it a good choice even on rough terrain and bad conditions. Use the retractable balance hook to better secure your tripod in windy weather. This can be essential for keeping your eyes on your viewing target.

With its quick-release mounting plate, you can attach your spotting scope to your tripod in seconds. This aluminium tripod for scopes also has a two-way pan and tilt head. This gives you excellent control over your viewing angle and range. The panning handle makes for extra precision, while there is also a lock to hold the head and your scope steady. This tripod also has tension adjustment for a secure fit.

The usage instructions may be inadequate if you don’t have any experience using a tripod with a spotting scope. Also, at 2.4kg, it is quite heavy, so this tripod could be less suitable for carrying over long distances.


  • 72cm-172cm height range
  • 2-way pan head
  • Aluminium alloy legs
  • 4kg load capacity
  • Large head with up to 90° lockable tilt


  • Could be lighter
  • Instructions could be better

Choosing the Best Tripod for Spotting Scope in the UK – Buying Guide

Wondering how to choose the best tripod for your spotting scope? Let’s take a closer look at some of the essential tripod features that you’ll want to consider.


Thanks to its strength and low weight, some premium tripods are made from carbon fibre. Aluminium is a popular choice for spotting scope tripods, as it is strong and lightweight. Some manufacturers also use plastic as well as aluminium for ultra-lightweight tripods. Bear in mind that tripods with many plastic parts may lack durability and be unsuitable for regular use. They are, however, lighter and more portable.


A man in the field carrying a telescope

It’s important to find a tripod that is the right height for you. Take a few moments to consider what position you are going to be using your scope in. If you are going to be seated, you may be better off with a table tripod or a compact tripod. If you will be standing, pick a stand up tripod that will extend to match your height at eye level. Otherwise, you may develop backache and have to stop.


There are three main tripod heads to choose from. You should also look out for tripods with quick-release mounting plates. Quick-release mounting plates enable you to quickly mount and unmount your spotting scope.

  • Ball head – ball head spotting scope tripods can move freely in all directions. This makes a ball head model a good choice for general wildlife spotting.
  • Pan head – pan heads allow you to move in two or three directions. They give you more stability than ball heads making small adjustments much easier.
  • Fluid heads – fluid heads are essentially pan heads but with a special drag function. This allows you to easily follow your target. Fluid heads are normally designed for video work. This makes them a good choice for following wildlife.


Before you decide on the best spotting scope tripod, think about where you will be using it. Its folded size and weight will be really important if you will be taking it out to remote locations on foot. Alternatively, if you are just going to set it up in your back garden or living room, the weight will be less of a deciding factor. A carry bag can also be useful, both for storage and transportation.

Load Capacity

Last but certainly not least, do not forget to check your tripod’s load capacity before you buy. You don’t want to end up with a tripod that cannot sufficiently support your scope’s weight. This could result in your tripod collapsing or falling over. A fall could damage your spotting scope.


With the best spotting scope tripod, you’ll be able to get some fantastic sights with your scope. You’ll also have the opportunity to take some long-distance close-ups if you decide to branch out into digiscoping.

Are you still undecided about which tripod for spotting scopes to go for? We recommend taking another look at our editor’s choice, the NGTRV005T by National Geographic.

This spotting scope tripod has all the features you need. It is quick and easy to set up, and its two-way fluid head gives you exceptional control and panning. Plus, it is lightweight and has a compact folded size for excellent portability. What’s more, the rubber feet lend extra stability.

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