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If you’re not the type to visit a pet store and purchase one of those overpriced plastic bird baths, you might be looking for a way to make one from scratch. But with so many different ideas about how to do this, including instructions for building with rocks and bricks, it can be difficult to know where to start.

In fact, making a bird bath is very easy. Birds aren’t very fussy about what they bathe in as much as the actual bird bath placement and location within the garden. So, you’ll probably be able to make your own bird bath within minutes.

DIY Bird Bath Ideas

Here are 20 easy methods of making bird baths out of everyday materials that you’ll most likely find around the home:

Vase bird bath

If you want to create a truly stylish yet simple bird bath, you can use an old urn or vase and place it on the walkway in the middle of your garden. Place some stones or bricks around it and fill it with water. This will be a great idea to keep the birds happy. The good thing about using these is that you can change the water regularly so the birds don’t get sick.

Plastic bottle bird bath

You can also make bird baths using empty plastic bottles. The birds will surely appreciate these, and you can use your imagination to decorate it according to the theme of your garden. Even if you have a backyard party you are throwing, this decorated design can still be a perfect addition to any setting.

Pond bird bath

If you have a pond in your garden, you won’t need a bird bath because they will come there to bathe in their own way. Just place some nice plants nearby to make it more attractive, and select different plants to attract specific species.

Dove standing on rocks near calm pond in summer

Tyre bird bath

Another easy method is to cut an old tire in half and lean the bottom half against a tree or hedgerow. Place some water and stones it it. This way birds will be able to dip themselves in if they are thirsty because this will act as a bird bath made of stone or bricks.

Tray bird bath

You can also use a large tray to create an easy bird bath. For example, a foil baking tray or one made of plastic is fine too. You can put this on the ground or a table and fill it with water. This type of bird bath will attract more birds as multiple birds can socialise, wash, and drink water from here whenever possible, especially after a feed. You just need to place the trays in a corner of your garden where you think the birds will be most active.

Sink bird bath

If you have an old sink or water basin which you are not using for any purpose, you can use that in your yard as a bird bath. Plug the sink hole, so the water stays in the sink bowl, and fill it with water and perhaps some twigs and stones to make it look more natural. Then place it somewhere in the middle of your garden where birds can dip themselves whenever they want to enjoy some cold drink or warm water in the winter season.

Bucket bird bath

An ordinary bucket is one of the easiest methods to make a homemade bird bath for your back yard. You need to take an old bucket and fill it with clean water. That’s it! You can then put some stones or bricks around it to keep it stable. Perhaps use some paint to make it more attractive and welcoming.

Plastic container bird bath

You can use a plastic container as an easy way to make a DIY bird bath. Make sure it’s not too small, so a medium or large container would work best, as it gives our feathered friends space to bathe properly. Top up with fresh water every couple of days and sit back to watch them regularly visit, especially during the hot summer days. To go the extra mile, punch two holes on either side of the container and run a piece of wire through, knotting each end. Now you have a hanging bird bath that can be attached to a tree or anywhere else you fancy.

Mason jar bird bath

You can even use a mason jar as a bird bath. Birds need water to drink and stay clean. So, even though a mason jar might seem pretty small, it will still suffice. Also, if the jar is not big enough for large birds, instead, some smaller bird species like sparrows and finches may pop by for a dip from time to time.

Serving bowl bird bath

If you have a plastic serving bowl around your kitchen, you can use this as an easy DIY bird bath for your garden. Fill it with water and leave it next to a tree branch where birds will be able to dip themselves whenever they want. This is one of the easiest ways to make a simple bird bath for many seasons.

blue jay bathing in a bowl

Old wine cask bird bath

If you have an old wine cask which is not being used anymore, then you can use that to make a stylish DIY bird bath. You will need to use a hand saw or some other power tool to cut it in half. Then fill it with water. Be sure to swap out the water regularly, so the bird bath stays clean and doesn’t get smelly or unhealthy for both humans and birds.

Saucer bird bath

A large saucer is also a good idea for many birds as these are easy to fill with water and are made with natural materials so that they won’t harm the birds. You can paint these in any colour you want, and you can even place a few of them outside in different areas of your garden to attract more birds.

Starling bathing in a saucer

French drain pipe bird bath

A french drain pipe is a wonderful way to make a hanging bird bath. You will need a length of pipe no more than 50cm. Cut the top of the pipe open, lengthways, so the top and bottom become separated. Then take the bottom part of it and attach string or some other suitable material that can be attached at each end with some holes that you’ll drill. You need to fill this with water and let it hang from a tree branch in your garden, preferably next to a hanging bird feeder. Having these two beside each other is a sure method of attracting birds to your garden, as they can dip themselves whenever they want.

Drinking fountain bird bath

If you have a drinking fountain in your garden, you virtually have to do no work to convert it into a bird bath. The water that accumulates at the bottom of the fountain will appeal to birds, who will come and stop there once they’ve spotted it. It helps to place this next to your bird feeder, plants or flowers so that the birds can bathe themselves whenever they fancy. The birds will love that fresh water will be available throughout the seasons.

Small group of wild birds splashing in a bird bath spraying water in all directions

Bird bath out of toilet bowl

You can even make a homemade bird bath out of a toilet bowl which you have perhaps left over after a bathroom renovation. Admittedly not the most attractive bird bath idea, but certainly a good way to repurpose and save a trip to the recycling centre. Simply clean it properly and place it near some trees, shrubs, and your feeding station. It will not overflow because the rainwater will flush out of the waste opening. It can be left out in winter without maintenance as the water will continually be fresh during rainy periods.

Making DIY Bird Baths With Natural Materials

How to make a bird bath with large stones and rocks

This is not the easiest way to make a DIY birdbath, but fine if you have landscaping or similar skills. You’ll need some large stones (or small rocks). You’ll also need some type of waterproof membrane.

Place the membrane flat on the ground and arrange the stones in a circular pattern to form a border. Be sure to leave a few inches around the border. Then lift the excess membrane and wedge it between another formation of rocks around the current stones. Place some water inside to create a small pond. This will then act as an amazing watering hole and place for birds to dip their feathers and bathe year-round.

You can also keep changing the water in this regularly and keep the stones clean so that the birds don’t get any diseases from here.

How to make a bird bath with wood

Wooden bird baths involve a little more work but can be fun and easy for an avid DIY’er.

Use some old wood scraps and cut them into shape to build a box like a rectangular planter. You can line the inside with black bin bags or something else waterproof to stop the water from escaping. Place some pebbles inside to mask the waterproof lining and make the birdbath look more natural with some twigs or green and brown paint around the edges.

How to make a bird bath using clay pots

You can make a bird bath out of earthen pots of different types. You first need to dig the soil out of these, then fill them with water and leave them there so they can get heated up by the sun. It would be best if you also kept it in the shade, so they don’t get overheated.

Traditional Brown Clay Cooking Pots Stacked up on Wood Table

How to make a terra cotta bird bath

Similarly, you can make a bird bath out of terra cotta pots that you might have lying around the yard. You first need to remove the soil from these and clean them properly if they’ve previously been used. Top them up with some pebbles and water.

Terra cotta plate bird bath

Yet another DIY bird bath idea is to take an old plate you’d typically place plant pots on. This is perfect for gardeners who may have some lying around. Although the plates aren’t very deep, they should be enough for birds to dip their feathers and have a little fun. Put the plate near some trees or your bird feeders so they can spot it easily.


As you can see, making a DIY bird bath out of some everyday household items is very easy. And if you have a bird feeder, the two combined side by side will attract a nice variety of different birds.

If you have a vision of how to make a bird bath or perhaps have already created your own, please share your ideas in the comments section below.

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