Best Hedgehog House: Top 10 Picks for 2024

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Hedgehogs are small nocturnal mammals that are a delight to have in our gardens, as they help control pests like slugs and snails. Providing a safe and comfortable home for these creatures is an excellent way to attract them and protect them from predators, as well as adverse weather conditions. Hedgehog houses serve this purpose and can become a charming addition to your garden.

There is a wide range of hedgehog houses available, made from various materials and designed to suit both the hedgehog’s specific needs and the aesthetics of your outdoor space. No matter the style you prefer, it’s essential to consider factors like durability, insulation, ease of cleaning, and accessibility for the hedgehogs when choosing the perfect hedgehog house.

Some of the critical aspects to consider when purchasing a hedgehog house include the size, ensuring it is big enough to accommodate a nesting hedgehog and her young, proper ventilation, and the type of material used in its construction. Materials such as untreated wood, for example, are sturdy and resistant to rot, providing a safe and cosy environment for hedgehogs to reside.

We devoted significant time and effort into researching and testing various hedgehog houses to identify the best quality options that guarantee a pleasant experience for both the hedgehog residents and garden caretakers. Our thorough evaluation will guide you in finding the perfect hedgehog house, catering to your specific needs and preferences while significantly benefiting the charming creatures in your garden.

How We Compared

Selecting the best hedgehog house involved careful choices. We prioritised durable materials, weather resistance, and good ventilation. Location mattered too; it had to be quiet and secluded near water sources. The entrance size was chosen to keep out larger animals while allowing hedgehogs easy access. Our decision aimed to create a safe and comfortable retreat for these nocturnal creatures in our garden habitat.

Best Hedgehog Houses

We have compiled a list of the best hedgehog houses available on Amazon. These top picks will ensure your prickly friends are safe, warm, and comfy.

The Hutch Company Hedgehog House

This hedgehog house offers a safe and comfortable habitat for your garden visitors, with just a few minor shortcomings.


  • Made from eco-friendly FSC timber
  • Easy to clean by washing out with boiling water
  • Solid construction with secure fixings


  • Plastic clips for roof attachment could be more robust
  • Needs to be placed on a raised platform in wet conditions
  • Entry partition design could provide better protection against predators

We found that The Hutch Company Hedgehog House is not only environmentally friendly but also designed with the needs of hedgehogs in mind. The spacious design and attractive exterior made it a great addition to our garden, and the fact that it is easy to clean is a huge plus.

We did notice that the plastic clips holding the roof could be stronger, but it wasn’t a significant problem during our experience with the product. We recommend placing the house on a raised platform to prevent it from being soaked in wet conditions.

One thing we would like to see improved is the entry partition. Although it provides some protection against predators, our cat was able to access the entire house quite easily. A more secure partition would make this hedgehog house perfect.

Overall, The Hutch Company Hedgehog House is an excellent choice for those looking to provide a safe and comfortable habitat for their spiky visitors. Its eco-friendly materials, ease of cleaning, and solid construction make it an almost ideal option. However, be prepared to make some tweaks in the partition design for better predator protection.


We highly recommend the CLIFFORD JAMES Hedgehog House for providing a safe and cosy home for hedgehogs in your garden.


  • Safe and concealed chamber for hedgehogs
  • Camouflaged design with a green roof
  • Durable wood and waterproof roof


  • May need additional entrance protection for cats
  • Slightly small sleeping area
  • Assembly required

We recently tried the CLIFFORD JAMES Hedgehog House in our garden and were pleased with its practical design. The house offers a safe and concealed chamber, which helps keep hedgehogs and their offspring protected from predators like foxes and badgers. Its green roof adds an extra layer of camouflage, making sure our hedgehog friends stay hidden from sight.

In terms of durability, the Hedgehog House is made of sturdy cedar wood with a waterproof roof. It also comes pre-treated with a hedgehog-safe water-based varnish, ensuring it can withstand the unpredictable British weather. This feature allows the house to maintain its integrity and provide a safe haven for hedgehogs throughout the seasons.

The Hedgehog House is an engaging and educational addition to any garden, encouraging children to learn more about wildlife and interact with nature. However, we did find that the entrance might need some extra protection if you have cats visiting your garden. The sleeping area also seemed slightly smaller than expected. Despite these minor drawbacks, we still believe the CLIFFORD JAMES Hedgehog House offers excellent value and is a great investment for creating a cosy home for hedgehogs.

Navaris Wooden Hedgehog House

A charming and functional little shelter, the Navaris Wooden Hedgehog House gives hedgehogs a safe place to rest and protection from predators.


  • Sturdy wooden construction with a detachable roof
  • Suitable for use all year round
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Untreated wood may require preservation measures
  • Assembly required
  • Potential sizing issues for larger hedgehogs

We recently tried out the Navaris Wooden Hedgehog House and found it to be a wonderful addition to our garden. The sturdy wooden design not only looks charming, but it provides our spikey friends with a safe space to hide away from predators and take care of their young ones. The detachable roof allows for easy cleaning, which is important for maintaining a healthy environment for hedgehogs.

The hedgehog house is designed to be used throughout the year, sheltering hedgehogs from rain, snow, and heat. To make the house even more comfortable, we suggest adding some straw or leaves inside, which will provide extra insulation during the colder months.

One issue we encountered was that the wood is untreated, so we recommend applying a wood preservative to ensure the house lasts for years to come. Additionally, the house requires assembly, but with a little patience, this wasn’t too difficult of a task.

The only other concern we had was that the house might be a bit too small for larger hedgehogs. However, for the majority of hedgehogs, the Navaris House offers a welcoming retreat that will surely attract them to your garden.

Overall, we highly recommend the Navaris Wooden Hedgehog House for those looking to provide a safe and comfortable shelter for hedgehogs in their garden. Just be prepared to treat the wood and assemble the house upon arrival.

Wildlife World Hoglio Hedgehog Home

The Wildlife World Hoglio Hedgehog Home is a top choice for providing a safe and durable sanctuary for hedgehogs in your garden.


  • Durable, recycled materials and construction
  • Swivel lid for easy access
  • Overhanging roof and porch for protection


  • Slightly higher price than alternatives
  • Possible leakage without additional covering
  • Roof may not bear additional weight (e.g. cats)

The first thing we noticed about the Wildlife World Hoglio Hedgehog Home was the high-quality materials used in its construction. The recycled plastic and plywood skeleton ensure the hedgehog home is built to last, and we love the environmental impact of repurposing these resources.

Easy access is essential when tending to recovering hedgehogs or cleaning, and the swivel lid makes this task a breeze. The overhanging roof and porch, alongside raised battened feet, provide protection against weather and rot. We felt these features were essential in ensuring long-term use without any hassles.

Though durability and design are top-notch, the price is slightly higher than competing hedgehog homes. However, considering the quality, we believe it’s a justifiable investment. We did notice that water may access the interior, so consider additional cover like a tarp for added protection. Lastly, the roof might not support additional weight, so keep an eye on any pets that like sunbathing on top.

All things considered, we found the Wildlife World Hoglio Hedgehog Home to be a fantastic investment for those looking to provide a comfortable and safe environment for hedgehogs in their gardens. The British Hedgehog Preservation Society has made it their top choice, and we wholeheartedly agree with them.

Wildlife World Igloo Hedgehog House

We recommend the Wildlife World Igloo Hedgehog House for a sturdy and rainproof shelter that comfortably accommodates hedgehog families.


  • Strong and rainproof design
  • Suitable for family groups
  • Predator-resistant entrance tunnel


  • Appearance may vary due to natural materials
  • May need extra cover for hibernation
  • No installation included

The Wildlife World Igloo Hedgehog House boasts a strong, rainproof round painted steel frame, which is a practical feature for a garden hedgehog shelter. The felted waterproof roof is covered with a brushwood finish and decorated with rattan bands, offering an attractive appearance that blends seamlessly with the garden surroundings.

This hedgehog house is designed to accommodate family groups such as a mother and her hoglets, making it perfect for hedgehog enthusiasts looking to make their garden more wildlife-friendly. The small entrance tunnel is specifically designed to deter predators such as badgers and dogs, providing additional security for the hedgehogs when they’re nesting.

Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks to consider before purchasing the Wildlife World Igloo Hedgehog House. As the product is made from natural materials, its appearance may vary due to seasonal availability and environmental factors. Additionally, while this hedgehog house is predominately designed for shelter, it may be used for hibernation if additional brushwood cover is provided over the igloo during winter. Lastly, it’s important to note that there is no installation included with the purchase, which means that you’ll need to set it up yourself based on your preferences and garden layout.

Overall, the Wildlife World Igloo Hedgehog House is a durable and functional choice for those looking to provide a safe and comfortable home for the hedgehogs in their garden.

Selections Wooden Hedgehog House With Bark Roof

This hedgehog house is an excellent and affordable option for those looking to provide a safe refuge for hedgehogs in their garden.


  • Durable untreated wood construction
  • Natural bark roof for added insulation
  • Suitable dimensions at 34cm x 19cm x 17cm


  • No door flap to protect against predators
  • May be too small for larger hedgehogs
  • Delays in shipping reported by some customers

We recently added this Selections Wooden Hedgehog House to our garden, and it has proven to be a wonderful addition. The untreated wood material ensures the safety of the hedgehogs, and the natural bark roof adds both charm and insulation to the house.

This hedgehog house is easy to position within the garden, and while we’ve not spotted any hedgehogs using it just yet, we’re confident it won’t be long before one takes up residence. Given that hedgehogs require a safe place to hibernate in the colder months, this house seems to be an ideal solution.

However, we did note a few drawbacks. The absence of a door flap might make it easier for predators to access the house. Additionally, its size might be too small for larger hedgehogs, which could prevent them from using it entirely. We also experienced some shipping delays, so it might be best to order this product well in advance.

Overall, the Selections Wooden Hedgehog House With Bark Roof is a great product for those looking to provide a secure shelter for hedgehogs in their garden. Despite some minor drawbacks, its affordability and attractive design make it an appealing choice.

KCT Oslo Wooden Hedgehog House

We recommend the KCT Oslo Wooden Hedgehog House for its sturdy design, ease of assembly, and the protection it provides for your hedgehog friends.


  • Compact and unobtrusive design
  • Made from solid wood for durability
  • Easy to assemble with fixings included


  • Waterproof capabilities may need improvement
  • Lid doesn’t fit perfectly, might need minor adjustments
  • Suitable for small hedgehogs only

The KCT Oslo Hedgehog House offers a haven for your hedgehog friends and serves as a safe nesting area for them to rest, hibernate, and call home. It features a solid wooden structure that’s easy to assemble, with screw-together panels and all fixings included. Its small design helps it blend into your garden, giving the hedgehogs the privacy they desire.

One of the features we truly appreciate is the removable waterproof shingle felt roof. It allows you to easily check on the well-being of your hedgehog and fits back on using latches on either end of the house. However, some users noted that the waterproof capabilities could use a little upgrade, but this is easily fixed with the proper treatment or paint to ensure the house remains dry for the hedgehog within.

The internal structure includes a dividing wall that lets you create two separate rooms for filling with food or bedding. However, the Hedgehog House is best suited for smaller hedgehogs due to its compact design. Overall, the KCT Oslo Hedgehog House is a great option for providing a safe haven for hedgehogs in your garden, but keep in mind that some minor improvements might be needed to ensure a perfect waterproof home for your spiky friends.

Unibos Hedgehog House and Hibernation Shelter

We believe the Unibos Hedgehog House is a great choice for providing a cosy and secure shelter for garden hedgehogs.


  • Safe and predator-proof design
  • Stable and weatherproof wooden construction
  • No assembly required


  • Limited cleaning access
  • Smaller than expected
  • Entrance hole may be too small for some hedgehogs

We were impressed by the attractive and practical design of the Unibos Hedgehog House. The untreated pine wood ensures a healthy climate for hedgehogs inside, while the weatherproof arched roof provides additional protection from outdoor elements. The permanently mounted floor not only prevents moisture from entering but also protects against predators that may try to undermine the house.

Our experience with the hedgehog house was mostly positive, though we found the entrance hole to be on the smaller side. This could make it difficult for larger hedgehogs to enter and exit the house comfortably. However, the inner baffle does offer extra protection from curious cats and foxes, which is a plus.

One key drawback of this product is its limited cleaning options. Contrary to the product description, the roof cannot be removed for easy cleaning, which might require purchasing a new house each year. We hope that Unibos can improve this aspect of their design in the future.

In conclusion, the Unibos Hedgehog House and Hibernation Shelter is a suitable option for those looking to offer hedgehogs a safe place to rest and hibernate. Its sturdy, weatherproof construction and predator-proof design are appealing, but keep in mind the smaller size and limited cleaning options when selecting the ideal hedgehog house for your garden.

Wildlife World Hedgehog Retreat

This hedgehog house offers a safe and attractive refuge for hedgehogs while addressing some minor issues.


  • Sturdy, rust-proofed steel frame
  • Integrated predator defence tunnel
  • Attractive woven natural material finish


  • Possibility of tears in waterproof lining
  • Not suitable for sick or rescued hedgehogs
  • Requires annual maintenance

We recently placed the Wildlife World Hedgehog Retreat in our garden, and it was an immediate hit with the local hedgehogs. The sturdy steel frame and waterproof lining provide durable shelter for these adorable creatures. Additionally, the integrated predator defence tunnel adds an extra layer of security.

The attractive design of the house blends seamlessly with the surrounding vegetation, making it an appealing addition to the garden. Piling leaves around the house provides additional insulation, and if needed, anchor the retreat down for extra security with 2-4 tent pegs.

As we discovered, there is a small downside to this hedgehog house. Some of these end-of-line products have minor issues, such as tears in the waterproof lining, which are reflected in the price. However, these tears do not affect the overall functionality and protection of the hedgehog retreat.

Unfortunately, this house isn’t ideal for sick or rescued hedgehogs that need regular inspection. Make sure to provide a fresh bowl of water if feeding hedgehogs. Annual maintenance of the house is essential, ensuring it remains in good condition and providing a safe refuge for these charming garden helpers.

In summary, the Wildlife World Hedgehog Retreat offers a secure and inviting space for hedgehogs to reside, despite some minor drawbacks. With proper care and maintenance, it’s a fantastic investment for anyone looking to support the hedgehog population in their garden.

DI Hedgehog House Luxury

This hedgehog house is a reliable option for garden lovers due to its strong build, security features, and suitability for hibernation.


  • Separator for added security
  • Rainproof and removable roof coated with bitumen
  • Ideal for hibernation and breeding


  • Weak roof hinges
  • No support to keep lid open while preparing
  • Roof screw issue in some cases

Our experience with the DI Hedgehog House Luxury has been positive, especially when considering its purpose as a safe and comfortable shelter for hedgehogs. Constructed from sturdy firwood/pine wood and featuring a curved roof with mineral roofing felt, this house ensures durability and protection against harsh weather conditions.

The separator within the house ensures added security and privacy for the hedgehogs, making it an ideal location for them to hibernate, breed, and rest. We highly appreciate the rainproof and removable roof, coated with bitumen, as it guarantees the safety of hedgehogs during wet weather. Additionally, the house’s spacious design allows it to accommodate hedgehogs comfortably, promoting a healthy environment for them to thrive.

However, we did notice a few drawbacks while using the DI Hedgehog House Luxury. Firstly, the roof hinges could be stronger to adequately support the heavy roof. Secondly, some users might prefer a supporting mechanism to keep the lid open when preparing the house for the hedgehogs. Lastly, we encountered roof screws being too small and falling out in some instances, which could be resolved by providing larger screws instead.

Overall, the DI Hedgehog House Luxury is a worthwhile investment for those seeking to provide a secure and comfortable space for hedgehogs in their garden. Despite some minor drawbacks, its benefits outweigh the cons, making it a highly recommended product for garden enthusiasts and wildlife lovers alike.

Hedgehog House Buying Guide

When looking for the best hedgehog house, it’s essential to consider several factors that will ensure a safe, comfortable, and functional home for our prickly friends. In this buying guide, we will discuss the features to look for and how to choose the best product for your garden.

Firstly, it’s crucial to assess the size and design of the hedgehog house. Make sure it is spacious enough for hedgehogs to move around comfortably and provide proper ventilation. A well-designed house should have an internal partition or a narrow entrance tunnel to protect the hedgehogs from predators and harsh weather conditions.

Materials used in the construction of the hedgehog house play a significant role in its durability and insulation. Opt for houses made of sustainably sourced wood treated with a non-toxic preservative to ensure the structure lasts while not harming the hedgehogs. Additionally, a removable or hinged roof simplifies cleaning and maintenance.

Another important aspect of an ideal hedgehog house is proper insulation. A cosy and dry habitat will help hedgehogs stay warm during hibernation. Insulation materials such as dry leaves, straw, or hay can be added to hedgehog houses to provide added warmth.

Lastly, consider the location of the hedgehog house in your garden. Position it well away from busy roads, paths, or feeding areas and ensure it is concealed by plants or shrubbery. This will provide a sense of security and encourage hedgehogs to make the house their home.

In summary, to choose the best hedgehog house, pay attention to the size, design, materials, insulation, and location. By considering these features and providing the right environment, we can help preserve the fascinating and increasingly endangered creatures in our gardens.

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