Glenmulliach Forest

Highland Pine Forest and Birch Woodland

Glenmulliach Forest is situated to the east of Conglass Water at the foot of the Ladder Hills and combines coniferous pine and spruce forest with mixed birch woodland.

Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel
Pine Marten
Pine Marten

Forest Wildlife

On the ground you may see spruce cones stripped of their seeds by either Red Squirrel, Wood Mouse or Crossbill. Bank Vole is active both day and night and can sometimes be heard chattering and squeaking in the undergrowth. In common with other areas, Glenlivet has a population of Fox that prey on Rabbit and Hare. Stoat are active at all hours hunting rodents, Rabbit and even Hare. Field Vole is a particular favourite and Stoats can sometimes be seen hunting for them in stone walls. The much smaller Weasel is also active day and night. Pine Marten are largely nocturnal. However, between June and September, you may catch a daytime glimpse of a family group as mothers move their cubs.

Chickweed Wintergreen
Redstart in Glenmulliach Forest - Cairngorms National Park - Scotland

Water Shrew inhabit the banks of burns and rivers in Glenlivet. Active at night they are unlikely to be seen, although remains of snails and caddis fly larvae may be found at their feeding sites on banks or rocks beside streams. The much scarcer Water Vole is out day and night and lives in a burrow beside a stream or river. It is mainly vegetarian and almost the size of a rat. Feeding areas with the remains of gnawed leaves and stems can be found near water.

Forest Hide

A forest hide is situated in the middle of the woods. It overlooks the trees providing a sheltered spot for bird watching, from where Red Squirrel and Roe Deer may also be seen. In the tree tops it is not uncommon to see Siskin, Lesser Redpoll and Crossbill, whilst Buzzard glide silently overhead.

Forest Vegetation

Primrose, Wood Anemone and Dog Violet flower under the birches in the spring. Common Butterwort flowers in damp areas in early summer. Rowan growing amongst the birches attract Chaffinches and Redpoll for a berry feast in autumn.

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