The Braes of Glenlivet


The River Livet is the main tributary of the Avon. Rising in the Ladder Hills as the Kymah, Blythe and Ladder burns, it flows across the Braes of Glenlivet and through the narrow gap guarded by the Bochel into lower Glenlivet before joining the Avon at Drumin

Wildlife Species

During spring, the wide expanse of the Gordon flats come alive with the activities of breeding waders. Curlew and Lapwing make magnificent acrobatic aerial displays and call loudly as they compete for the best nesting sites and mates. Oystercatcher, Redshank and Sandpiper also join resident Snipe for the nesting season. Other wetland residents include Mallard and Teal, whilst Dipper can be seen flitting up and down the river all year round.

The Livet itself is the most prolific Salmon spawning tributary of the Spey, carrying excellent stocks of Parr. These juvenile salmon prove an irresistable attraction for Heron and Goosander throughout the late summer and early autumn.

Away from the river, spacious expanses of rush pasture and heather provide a summer home for Wheatear, Meadow Pipit, Skylark and Stonechat where there is an abundance of insects.

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