Wildlife Watching in the Cairngorms

Wildlife watchers are welcome to enjoy access to the unique landscapes and habitats of The Glenlivet Crown Estate throughout the year. Please however be aware of the needs of those who live and work on The Estate:

Seasonal Activities in Glenlivet

  • Deer control takes place on certain hill areas during October and November for conservation purposes and to prevent damage to woodlands.
  • Grouse shooting takes place on some moorland areas from mid August to mid October.
  • Please take care not to disturb livestock particularly during the lambing and calving seasons of March to May and September to October.
  • Please respect our wildlife and avoid disturbance as much as possible. Binoculars allow you to get a much better view without getting too close.

How To See More Wildlife

  • Choice of clothing is important. Colours which blend in with the area which you intend to visit will make it easier to approach wildlife. Some synthetic fabrics can be noisy and are best avoided.
  • Most wild animals rely on a keen sense of smell. Wearing strong smelling scent may alert them to your presence.
  • Try to keep as quiet as possible. Sudden or unusual sounds alert wild animals to possible danger.
  • Dawn and dusk are usually good times of the day because many species are more comfortable breaking cover when the light is low.
  • Dogs and wildlife are not a good mix and most species will beat a hasty retreat when a dog appears. Ground nesting birds on moorland areas are particularly vulnerable to uncontrolled dogs.

Mad March Safari

From to at The Braes of Glenlivet, Cairngorms National Park


Self Catering Accommodation

Self catering accommodation in our converted Mill and Steading at Easter Corrie

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