Black Grouse Watch

Dawn Lek Safari

Leaving shortly before sunrise, we visit a remote glen to watch the courtship rituals of this rare member of the grouse family. During the Black Grouse Watch we usually see Curlew, Lapwing and Oystercatcher as well as the Black Grouse. We may also spot Roe Deer, Mountain Hare, Brown Hare, Raven or Red Deer in addition to a number of other more common species.

Black Grouse Photography

For keen photographers who want close up shots of Black Grouse we offer an overnight session that typically puts you within 20m of one of our larger leks.

Shooting the best photographs

To help you shoot the best possible photographs we use a portable hide. Unlike a fixed hide we are able position it to:

  • Suit the focal lengths that you have available.
  • Optimise the framing of the subject given your equipment.
  • Accommodate changes in the disposition and activity of the birds on the lek that occur naturally from year to year.

Minimising Disturbance

Our Black Grouse photo sessions are run overnight in order to avoid disturbing the lek. We take you to the lek the night before and explain what to expect from the birds on the ground. Armed with our local knowledge you then choose exactly where you would prefer the hide to be.

You have to stay in the hide overnight and remain there until we collect you because Black Cock could be present in the vicinity of the lek any time from around sun down to the end of the lek in the morning. (It is not easy for visitors to know when the lek has finished sometimes).

If you are interested in this photo opportunity please contact us via the top right hand tab above.


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A dawn land rover tour during which you can witness the rare Black Grouse lek and the breeding displays of several waders.

 2 hours 15 minutes approx.

Top o' the Brae Safari

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Mad March Safari

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Self Catering Accommodation

Self catering accommodation in our converted Mill and Steading at Easter Corrie

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