Roe Deer

One of Scotland's true natives, the Roe Deer is found throughout Glenlivet Estate on lower ground.

Much smaller then the Red Deer, Roe Deer prefer to live where there is plenty of woodland and scrub cover.

Bucks develop new sets of antlers throughout the later winter and lose their velvet in April. From then on until the rut in July - August they establish and defend territories from other males. Does also have territories that overlap those of the bucks.

Roe Deer acquire their foxy red summer coats in May. Later in the month does give birth, and for the first 4 weeks or so kids are "parked" while the mother browses. She returns 2-3 times a day to feed them. Twins are not uncommon.


Doe in summer coatDoe in winter coatBuck in velvetBuck shedding velvetKid at eight weeksYearling twins

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