Mountain Hare

Mountain Hare live on both the Ladder and Cromdale Hills as well as Carn Daimh. In winter they turn white so as to camouflage themselves better in snow.

Preferentially nocturnal, they generally snooze in the heather, or under juniper bushes during the day, becoming more active towards sundown. Population levels on grouse moors often far exceeds that found in other areas as 'muirburn' provides them with an ideal habitat.

Like other arctic animals they are more compact then their temperate cousins and have shorter ears than the Brown Hare.

When pressed they can show a remarkable turn of speed, sometimes reaching 60kph uphill. Predators include Golden Eagle, Stoat and Wild Cat.

Just waking upIn full flightSome can be quite accommodatingSummer coatLeveret in form

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